Instant Car Washes – Why Every Car Owner Should Use Them

Instant car washes often get snubbed by car owners who think it requires tons of effort and elbow grease to make a car look great. Technology has progressed to a point that this type of products rival and even exceed car washing alone. Read on to find out why you should begin using them.

Some people think that professional car detailers have access to super tools or products that are unavailable to the ordinary car owner. To an extent it may be true but for most products they use the same ones you have access to.

This includes instant car washes that come in pump bottles. You may be surprised to know that more and more detailers use this product. It saves them time, water and money. Plus with a lot of communities having water restrictions using instant car washes is a no brainer. If it’s good enough for professionals then it must be good enough for you.

It Has Uses You Did Not Know

Because of the way they work spray based instant car washes can be used in rubber panels, glass and even metallic surfaces. The side effect, cleaner and dust free items. You can try it on your glass windows or even vinyl surfaces. Most of them will clean and protect the surfaces like they do with cars.

You Can Forgo Waxing

Cars need to be sealed at least twice a year. Sealants like waxes and polymer based products require a lengthy time to apply. With instant car washes you can clean, polish, shine and seal at the same time. It truly is mesmerizing to have a car’s surface go from filthy into shiny and sealed in one quick pass of a damp towel.

Apply Anywhere and Anytime

Because of the short time it takes to apply this product you can virtually have your car go from dusty to shiny in the time it takes for your date to use the washroom. And yes, you can do it even while you are waiting for your drive through meal. What’s even better is that you can do it even while your car is wet.

People do not realize how impressive these products are. Instant car washes work and work well. It’s a miracle people are still using the old hose down car washing with shampoo technique. Ask anyone who has tried this product and they’ll tell you that they will never go back to hoses, buckets and shampoo anymore.

The Eco Car Wash is a leading manufacturer of instant car wash products. Check our recommendations on them by reading Waterless Car Wash reviews.

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