How to Save the Environment While Washing Your Car

The “in” thing these days is being green. Cars are going electric, fast food has left styro and even books have gone paperless. The general population has really grasped the ecological nightmare that we have created these past centuries.

The earth needs to be saved and people are responding. If you look for recycled paper or would rather use recycled paper cups then don’t you think you should also go green when it comes to cleaning your car? Read on to find out how you can help save the environment through proper car washing.

Avoid Commercial Car Washes

Automatic car washes dump huge amounts of waste water to our systems. Although they are treated they still pose as a threat to the future of our planet. Their days of novelty and convenience have gone with the advent of new age products meant to help you clean your car faster than a commercial car wash.

If you can’t help it, try to use them sparingly as they use industrial grade detergents that remove your car’s dirt with brute force. Not all car washes are created equal though, try and look for commercial car washes which pride themselves with being “green.”

Ditch the Hose and Buckets

Washing your car with a hose and car shampoo and having the waste go into storm drains is one of the nastiest things you can do for the environment. Sure you can think of creative ways to gather and dispose of the waste water properly. But it is never going to be practical because you can waste around 100 gallons of water per wash.

With half of America’s streams classified as polluted we should pause and think about what we push into our storm drains. Storm drains do not go through a centralized treatment facility and instead go directly to lakes, rivers and streams.

Use Biodegradable Car Care Products

More and more car care products carry an environment friendly tag nowadays. In fact it will be very hard to find places where you won’t find them. This is a far cry from a long time ago where asking for a biodegradable car shampoo will get you labeled as a “green terrorist.”

Caring for our home planet, Earth, has never been easier with the widespread availability of information and products. We live in a generation of eco-conscious people and we should play our part in protecting our environment no matter how insignificant it may seem. If everyone played their little roles in tasks like eco-friendly car washing then we might be able to reverse the damage we’ve done on our planet.


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