GS27 Waterless Car Wash

GS27 Pure is among the Eco Friendly companies offering a range of Waterless Car Wash products. The GS27 line features the GS27 Waterless Shampoo for your car. This waterless shampoo just needs to be place on a cloth and wiped onto the surface of your car.

No fancy applicators are needed. Water buckets can be forgotten. The GS27 Waterless Car Wash just is a wipe and drive product. It is suggested to be applied in a uniform circular with a micro fiber cloth.

Like all eco friendly products this waterless wash does not include phosphates, acid and petroleum based ingredients. If you have not seen one over the counter then you must be living outside France.

It is mildly scented with a hint of sweet almost and will work on metallic and clear coated cars. This product is mean for the eco friendly car owner who wants an easy way to clean and remove grease from the car without actually “washing” it.

The waterless shampoo for cars is also accompanied by several other products. The whole GS27 Pure range is called Waterless Car Care line.


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