Five Reasons to Use Spray Based Car Cleaners

You see a lot of them over the counter shelf space on your local gas stations. Spray based car cleaners have become more and more common. These high tech car care products proclaim convenience and ease of use as their motto.

If you are interested in knowing more about spray based car cleaners continue reading. This article talks about several reasons why any car owner should include this product in their car care stash.

Save Water

It may surprise you to know that washing a car with hose and water consume more than a 100 gallons of fresh water. The world as we know it is running out of water therefore being modest with water consumption is a good idea.

Save the Earth

Using these products saves our environment in at least two ways. The amount of water saved as mentioned above and reducing harmful chemicals from reaching our lakes and ponds. When using a traditional car product such as a car shampoo most people end up dumping dozens of gallons of it to storm drains. This then leeches into our ground water supply or to the lakes, rivers and ponds nearby.

Save Time

Washing a car with a hose, lots water, mitts and buckets take a tremendous amount of time. Doing the full wash, shampoo, rub, rinse and dry cycle takes a couple of hours for most people. That is why commercial car cleaners are so popular. With a spray and wipe product you get a car from filthy to sparkling in less time it takes to eat your lunch.

Save Yourself the Hassle

The hassle of tangled hoses, wet pavement, drenched clothes and washing mitts and everything makes car paint care quite a challenge. People no longer want to take care of their cars. They just drive to the nearest commercial car wash station and drop and coin. Everyone knows that this behemoths can cause all sorts of damage to your paint.

With a spray and cloth combo on your car all it takes is several swipes and you are done cleaning. An additional bonus would be being able to do it anywhere. You can even do it while waiting for your date to get ready when you pick her up. It is so convenient that you can even do it indoors. All you need is your favorite product and a micro fiber towel.

Save Money

Spray based products are cheap. They are even cheaper than your local coin operated car wash. At less than 10 dollars a bottle, you get the best bang for your back when you use them. With the time you save, water and other products to clean your car with you will definitely notice savings in the long run.

This new age spray based products on the market today water cleaning a dusty car an easy task. With the savings in time, money and a lot more as mentioned previously in this article every car owner should consider having a bottle of spray based car washes.  What is even better is to put one on the trunk so you can clean your car everywhere it goes.

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