Eco Car Wash

Eco Touch prides itself in listing everything they put into their products. Thus the Eco Car Wash they make lists some of the most eco friendly products in a waterless car wash.

This car wash is non-toxic and biodegradable. So you get the point that Eco Touch is trying to make. They are a green company who loves to make products that don’t destroy the environment.

For its waterless car wash product, Eco Car Wash you don’t need a hose, bucket or water. Simply spray, wipe and buff. Users rage about how convenient it is just to use the Eco Car Wash bottle to spray on their car surface.

Real world testing of this product reveals that even road grime does not pose as a problem for Eco Car Wash. Some even use it for spot cleaning to remove some stuff that has come on to their paint. A very important advantage it brings is that it eliminates water spotting.

If you are passionate about saving the environment then it might help to know the Eco Touch claims that this product is made from plant derived materials. It even comes in the color green. The Eco Car Wash makes do without the perfume or scent enhancement chemicals that rival waterless car washes have.

It is extremely easy to apply this waterless car wash from ECO Touch. You only have to get the Eco Car Wash spray bottle shake it well and spray it on a microfiber towel. Next you wipe the car’s surface making sure it’s cool to pick up dirt and grime. Immediately after you use a second towel to sort of buff your surface. This will make the car shine!

A 24 oz bottle of Eco Car Wash can be found online for as low as $12 USD. This waterless wash is good for 4 to 6 washes and is great for city dwellers opting to adopt a green lifestyle.