Do Car Wash Products in a Bottle Scratch Your Paint?

Has anyone ever told you that nothing is better than a good washing with a hose and buckets of car shampoo? That these instant car wash products in a bottle will scratch your paint? Read on to find out if they really do and how spray car wash products work.

Car paint is scratched when particles get that have lodge on the car’s surface on get dragged across the surface. Think of rocks being dragged along the smooth surface of your car but scaled down to particles so small that you cannot see individually.

Even if these particles are small, they are by no means harmless. Think of a sanding process to clean and polish hard metals. A modern vehicle’s clear coat although tough is not as hard as metal so these little particles can be abrasive enough to dig into your paint in the long run.

Scratching occurs when you try to wipe off these particles. The wiping action presses these particles into the clear coat. Even with the presence of water, this sand like particles will still eat through the clear coat.

Traditional car washing recommends having car shampoos lather into a rich bubbly form before it is applied to the surface of the car. The suds in action serve to lift off the dust from the car’s surface to make them less abrasive. This is similar to how dishwashing liquid makes it easier to remove greasy stuff on your plate.

This lifting action of traditional car shampoos is quite easy to accomplish with a lot of water. Even before the shampoo touches the paint, you have already washed it down with a hose.

Car wash in bottles has to make do with a lot less water. Often you only need a cup or two of this liquid versus the traditional car shampoo’s 50 to 100 gallon washes.

Therefore, chemists needed to be more creative solution to avoid particles from scratching the paint. One of the solutions is to make the particles of car wash products in a bottle very small.

Thousands of little car wash particles surround relatively large dirt particles. They then loosen these particles with an action that dissolved the bond that the particle has created with the car’s surface. Because of the size of the particles they create a cushion underneath the dust particles making it easier for them to get dislodge.

The need for little particles is met by applying this product as a spray. This is why you often see them sold in spray bottles. Aside from the little particles to prevent scratching, this spray based car care products also have a suspending action on dirt particles. It acts as a lubricant that lift offs dirt and grime in a suspension over the car’s paint.

This products do work and generally give a “too good to be true” effect to the first time users. The only real way to scratch your paint is to use these products improperly. Decades of research has been poured to making more and more effective products that do not scratch your car’s finish.

Waterless Car Wash have improved so dramatically that today’s versions are able to provide more than just cleaning. Products like Dri Wash n Guard leave a protective wax like finish in the same 1 step wiping you do when you remove dirt.

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