Eco-Friendly Car Washing – Why it is Better To Do it At Home

Car owners can contribute towards saving the environment by taking the time to wash their cars at home rather than at a commercial automatic car wash. Read on to find out why car washing at home can be more eco-friendly.

With the right product car washing can use zero amount of water. Commercial car washes use tons of water up to 50 gallons at a time. Although this is less than half of the amount that wasteful car washing using a hose it still represents a huge amount of water compared to eco friendly car washes.

Commercial automatic car washes treat water before releasing it to nature. However, even if it is treated they still contain trace amounts of harmful chemicals. Just because waste water passed a certain standard of testing it does not mean that it does not pollute. This is exactly like car emission figures. They tend to get more stringent as time passes. Should it not be the same for water wastes from commercial car washes as well?

Again car wash products for home use have advanced to a point that there is zero water waste to be dealt with. No waste means minimal impact on the environment. Some of these products that produce a few gallons of waste water are so eco friendly that they can even be used to water plants!

The way commercial washers are designed compromises the safety of your car’s finish. Although a lot of car washes have seriously taken steps in improving their systems they still tend to be harsh of a car’s surface. More and more car washes have gone “ touchless ” as a result of this.

Doing it at home with the right product will make the car owner be more conscious of the car’s surface. An automobile owner should be familiar with where dirt tends to accumulate on their cars. When doing so it makes hand washing your car so much faster because you only need to focus on the parts that get dirty.

With commercial car washes it’s like using a bazooka to clean out a smudge. Unless commercial washes employ advanced visual systems that can locate and focus on small areas at a time they can never equal a human’s gentle touch.

Cob webs on the car’s surface are a direct result of very harsh brushes from car washes. Doing it regularly might mean that the swirl marks will need to be professionally polished off causing you tons of money.

The easiest way to an eco-friendly car washing at home is to use a waterless car wash . Find out if the Eco Car Wash is the right product for you.

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